Who We Are

The Congregation of the Apostolic Sisters of Saint John is a religious institute of diocesan right under the authority of the Bishop of Autun (France). Founded in 1984 in France, it now has about 180 sisters spread over 4 continents: Europe, Africa, America and Asia.


We are an apostolic community, with a monastic spirit. In following the apostle Saint John, our charism is lived out through four pillars: prayer life, fraternal life, apostolic life, and studies.

Life of Prayer

The life of prayer is carried out daily through silent adoration, Holy Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, lived in community. The Sisters devote themselves to Lectio Divina and to praying the rosary.

Fraternal Life

The sisters share a fraternal life in priories averaging five to eight sisters. They regularly have meals in silence, followed by a time of recreation. They endeavour to maintain a joyful simplicity in their fraternal relationships.

Apostolic Life

The mission of the sisters is carried out according to the various needs of the Church: investment in parishes, catechesis, youth ministry, presence with families and the elderly, hospitality in all its forms, etc. See our ‘ministries’ page to find out more about what we do in Aberdeen.


By reading the Word of God and personal study, the sisters seek to deepen their knowledge of God in order to bear witness to the people they encounter. In addition, they meet regularly for communal intellectual work.


Saint John Family

The St. John Family is composed of four branches: the Brothers of St. John, the Contemplative Sisters of St. John, the Apostolic Sisters of St. John and the Oblates (lay branch).

The members of these various branches share a common spirituality and meet regularly. However, each of the three religious congregations is autonomous in its administration: constitutions, governing bodies, management of economic affairs.


The Brothers of St. John

The Brothers of St. John were founded in 1975 in Freiburg and were recognised as a religious congregation of diocesan right in 1986. Their mother house is located in Rimont in Saône-et-Loire.

Their charism can be summarised as follows: “Following the Apostle John, living together as friends of Christ and witnessing to his light and love”.

They live in small fraternal communities at the service of the Church. Their missions can take various forms, with particular attention given to young people and families.

Discover their website: freres-saint-jean.org
Brothers of St John in London: facebook.com/saintjohnlondon/


The Contemplative Sisters

The Contemplative Sisters were founded in 1982 and recognised as a religious congregation of diocesan right in 1994.

They share a life of prayer and fraternal communion in following Christ, like St John. United to the compassionate Heart of Mary and carried by her hope, they desire to be witnesses of the God of love and light for today’s world. Their life of consecration to God combines solitary and community life.

Discover their website: soeurscontemplativesdesaintjean.com


The Oblates

Oblates are lay people who wish to live out their baptism according to the spirit of the Apostle John. They share the same spirituality as the Brothers and Sisters of St John.

Through their secular oblature, they commit themselves to regular times of prayer and listening to the Word of God. They are also committed to practising fraternal charity in their environment, by assuming their family, social and political responsibilities, etc.

They are attached to the priory of their choice where they find welcome and guidance. They support the Brothers and Sisters in their activities and share moments of fraternal communion with them.


The Congregation of the Apostolic Sisters of St John was founded in 1984 by Father Marie-Dominique Philippe, OP. It was recognised by the Catholic Church as a Congregation of Diocesan Right in 1993 under the authority of the Bishop of Autun-Chalôn-Macôn (France).

After the recent revelations about the abuses committed by our founder, we are working on our charism, formation and our history.

Statement on Our Founder

Father Marie-Dominique Philippe, o.p. (1912 – 2006), is the historical founder of the Congregation of the Apostolic Sisters of Saint John.

During our General Chapter in 2021, the Congregation of the Apostolic Sisters of St. John strongly condemned the abuses committed by Father Marie-Dominique Philippe. Encouraged and supported by the authorities of the Church, our Congregation takes note that its historical founder cannot be a charismatic reference either by his life or by his writings. Our Congregation has therefore resolutely distanced itself from what he transmitted and embarked on a path of discernment of the grace that God is bestowing on the Congregation today.

For more information, see these press releases: apostolicsistersofsaintjohn.com/news